IIDA World N°1 2017 : Downhill Falls – Herreros (Fra) & Paciolla (Ita) took the lead

Updated: July 2, 2017

The first world cup event of 2017 IIDA Season took place in Sora (Frosinone) on 24th and 25th June 2017.


Group of Riders

Located between Roma and Napoli, the small city hosted a 1,3kms downhill track which was quite smooth and fast.

On Friday late afternoon and Saturday morning, athletes had the opportunity to practice on this short but challenging track.
This competition, beside of being IIDA World Cup, is also the official Italian downhill championship this year.

More than 30 competitors took part to the event from Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Top competitors took part to the competition such as Renato Pennuti,  Davide Tacchini, Lello Amore for Italy / Tobias Woehrle, Theo Frommlet for Germany and Etienne Herreros for France.

Time trial run were scheduled in the afternoon under high temperature which make the track quite slippery.

Last Curve

Time Trial Competition

In the men category, French Etienne Herreros get the best time thanks to his 2nd run more than one second in front of his strongest opponent on this track Renato Pennuti. Pablo Agustin Tussetto get the third place.


In the women category, Italian champion Martina Paciolla won easily with more than 6 seconds in front of Claudia Massara. In the first run, Martina get the third best time behind Herreros & Pennutti ! Ariana Onorati get the third place.


Inline Cross Competition

Top 4 men were Italians (Massimo Rigoldi & Renato Pennutti), French (Etienne Herreros) and German (Tobias Woehrle).

Inline Cross Final Men

Renato Pennutti start first and get passed by Etienne Herreros before the first curve. Herreros keep the lead until the end in front of Renato Pennutti and Tobias Woehrle ; Massimo Rigoldi unfortunately crashed in the second corner and finished 4th.


In the Women heat, Martina Paciolla won easily in front of Ana Serban who crashed in the last corner but had enough time to cross the line with his skate before 3rd place Sofia Dalla Vecchia try to overtake her. Ariana Onorati get the 4th place.


Next World Cup stage is scheduled in early August in Valpolicella.


Pictures : A. LEBRUN & R. PENNUTI

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