IIDA World N°2 2017 : Ambrose Downhill – Italy dominated Time Trial / Germany & Switzerland create the surprise in Inline Cross

Updated: July 9, 2017
Training Seba

The second world cup event of 2017 IIDA Season took place in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella on 1st and 2nd July 2017.


This competition, beside of being IIDA World Cup, is also the official German downhill championship this year.

German Championship

Approximately 50 competitors took part to the event.

The long track (2,85kms) included 7 curves and was quite demanding for all the participants.


Time Trial Competition


Angelo Racing

In the men category, 2016 FIRS World Champion Angelo Vecchi (ITALY) get the best time for his first participation this year half a second faster than FIRS Vice-World Champion Sylvain BEHR (FRANCE) who was his strongest opponent on this track. Pablo Agustin Tussetto also from Italy took the third place.



Martina Racing

In the women category, Italian champion Martina Paciolla won her second world cup in a row 1 second in front of German Mira Börsig.Her teammate Annalenna Retterberger took the third place.


Inline Cross Competition

Men Inline Cross Final was composed by 2 French athletes (Sylvain Behr & Karim Mallis), Italian Pablo Agustin Tussetto and Swiss Christian Montavon.

Christian Montavon

Christian Montavon managed to exit the last corner on top position and keep the lead until the end followed by Pablo Augustin Tussetto, Sylvain Behr and Karim Mallis.

Inline Cross Men Final


Podium Cross Men

Women Inline Cross Final was composed of only 3 athletes : Martina Paciolla from Italy, Mira Börsig from Germany and French Emilie Sadoux. Unfortunately, Annalenna Rettenberger from Germany cannot attend the competition for medical reasons.

Inline Cross Final Women

In the last turn, Emilie Sadoux made an impressive break and overtook the 2 other opponents but lost speed and get the third place.

Paciolla and Börsig push hard until the end and the german athlete took the first place in front of Matina Paciolla.



Next IIDA World Cup is scheduled in one month in Teolo (Italy).



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