IIDA Annual General Meeting 2017 – Historical changes in IIDA

Updated: August 10, 2017

On Friday August 4th, the 2017 IIDA Annual General Meeting took place at the Hotel Turetta in Castelnuovo, during the Teolo IIDA World Cup, four years after the previous one.


After an effective presentation by outgoing President Alexandre Lebrun (Annual_General_Meeting_2017), the election of the IIDA President took place.


A team of motivated athletes lead by Angelo Vecchi and including Massimo Bavieri, Davide Tacchini and Tobias Wöhrle won the election.


Therefore for the first time in IIDA history the figure of the President has been replaced by a Board of Directors.


The leader of this board of Directors will appear as IIDA President, but all decisions should be taken by the team collegially.


The newly elected Board, recognizing Alexandre Lebrun’s commitment and experience, asked him to join the team, not as President any more, but as an active member.


He accepted and, therefore, the Board of Directors is now made up of five people.


Stay tuned, more information coming soon!

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