IIDA World Cup: Italian Tour

Updated: April 10, 2018
partenza mass teolo 17
Currently, most of the International Inline Downhill movement is managed, supported and frequently even financed by riders themselves.
Registration fees alone support most of the races, and organizers are often riders, ex-riders or fans.
Athletes decide which races to take part in and most of the times they do not even have sponsors and the money for the trips come out of their pockets.
No official national team takes part in IIDA World Cup races, but only private teams or independent riders.
Intercontinental trips are an additional issue, especially for non-European riders.
The South American movement is strong and is prosperous, but it is very rare that riders from that area come to Europe to race.
One of the priorities of the new IIDA management is the one of organizing races in South America, and to spur local organizers to start new events there. This policy has been quite successful so far, since World Class event are taking place in Mexico, Brasil, Chile and Peru.
In the whole FIRS (now World Skate) World Championships history never more than 16 countries took part in the most important competition on the planet. The average has been between 8 and 12, but they may easily grow to 20 or even 30.
We have thought that organizers themselves could help international riders, providing plane tickets or hotel accomodations. Unfortunately, at this stage, not many organizers can afford all this.
This IIDA 2018 project has to be considered as a test format.
Should it be successful, it may be proposed even in other countries or tourist attractive areas.
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We may even dare to rethink the whole idea of a World Cup.
We can have a traditional, season-long world cup, with races all over the globe, or a 2-3 weeks long “compressed” world cup, in an area of the world which may provide races for 3 weekends in a row within a 500-1000 km range. The area may change every year, in order to have this “circus” moving all over the world.
Worldwide events will keep on being organized as “International Cup” races.
Of course this is just an idea, an experiment, something still to be tested and throughly analized in its details.
This year we’ll have the chance to test it in practice, live!
In fact, for International riders from the Americas and Asia, coming to Italy would be very difficult and financially challenging.
Therefore, we had the idea of combining competitions with holidays in one of the world’s most beautiful countries.
italian tour
They’ll have the chance to take part in world cup events and in the World Skate World Championships in just a bit more than 2 weeks.
For those who will be able to spend 5 weeks in Europe, this test project will allow them to compete in the Polcenigo and in the  “Ambrose Challenge” World Cup, one of the fastest and phisically challenging races on the circuit.
If someone wishes to practice and freeride with other fellow riders, ASD Rollershow (the same organizer of the Peschiera race) has set up a clinic, entirely focused on Inline Downhill the days preceding the WS World Championships of Teolo.
It will take place in Tonezza del Cimone (VI) July 30-31 – August 01-02, so that you can be perfectly prepared for the upcoming World Championships. In Tonezza, in the Asiago area you will have a 1km long downhill road closed to traffic 2 hours a day, to practice inline downhill, inline Alpine etc.
This private clinic will be extended to international riders, especially to non-top riders, who would like to improve their skills on a safe course.
Limited numbers!
Training Seba
This is currently known in depth only by the IIDA Board of Directors and the National Representatives. We received letters of interest from representatives from Chile, Mexico, Peru, the USA, India, Colombia, Brasil, Malesia, Indonesia, Thailand, Norway, other than the usual alpine countries.
Did we take the right path to a new World Cup with riders from every continent?

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