Ricardo Escalante of Chile wins the first race of the “new” IIDA

Updated: April 10, 2018

He is the first National Champion in IIDA history and currently IIDA World Cup leader.

Escalante, former world class speed skater, who has improved dramatically his downhill skills working very hard in the winter, won the race in Valle Clandestino in front of Javier Sepulveda and Jaime Urquidi.
Among women, the National Champion Title went to Victoria Ojeda, second place for Fernanda Reyes and third for Maura Paez.
Damas Podium

The Chilean race (open to foreign riders), had a participant from Peru at the start. He, of course, did not compete for the national championships, but had the chance to collect precious IIDA World Cup Points.

podium men

In this event also we have collected the first officials members of the new IIDA:
-Fredy Jhonatan Briceño (PERÚ)
-Eduardo Borquez   (CHILE)
-Nicolas Garrido  (CHILE)
-Miguel reyes caceres (CHILE)
-Guillermo Cabrera  (CHILE)
-Franco Lazcano (CHILE)
-Alexis Reyes  (CHILE)
-Carlos Balladares   (CHILE)
-Matias Raio (CHILE)
-Matias beltran villanueva  (CHILE)
-Ricardo Escalante  (CHILE)  psf.chile@hotmail.com
-Fernanda Reyes (CHILE)
-Maura Paez   (CHILE)If you want to be a IIDA member please click here:
/woman Podium:
1- Victoria Ojeda.
2- Fernanda Reyes.
3- Maura Paez.Mans ranking IIDA national championship of Chile

1 Ricardo Escalante CHILE  ROLLER SHOW
2 Javier Sepúlveda CHILE
3 Jaime Urquidi CHILE
4 Eduardo Borquez CHILE
5 Miguel Reyes CHILE
6 Nicolás Garrido CHILE
7 Carlos Balladares CHILE
8 Guillermo Cabrera CHILE
9 Alexis Reyes CHILE
10 Matías Raio CHILE
11 Matías Beltrán CHILE
12 Franco Lazcano CHILE
13 Fredy Briceño PERÚ
14 Alexis Verdugo CHILE
15 Cristóbal Trujillo                     DNS CHILE


Español versión :
Hola amigos, acá les dejo la información del campeonato Valle Clandestino – National Championship de CHILE. 01 ABRIL 2018.
Adjunto envió fotos de Podium y Ranking de Mujeres, el Ranking de Hombres aun no esta listo.

El día 01 de Abril de 2018 en Santiago de CHILE, se realizo el campeonato Valle Clandestino – National Championship IIDA.

En este campeonato ademas de la categoría Inline, también compitieron las categorías Longboard, Luge, y Street Sled.

En la categoría Inline compitieron 21 Riders, los cuales dieron lo mejor para lograr subir al Podium, sin dejar de disfrutar cada bajada y el lindo paisaje de la Cordillera de Los Andes, bajando a 80k/h a una altura de 2.450mts sobre el nivel del mar (Océano Pacifico)

The whole inline downhill world is waiting for the first IIDA World cup, which will take place in Mexico next April 15!

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