Angelo Vecchi visit Peschiera

Updated: May 2, 2018
commento di Angelo

The IIDA president visit the location and tracks of the “skate cross down” IIDA+WSX world championship in Peschiera del Garda (Italy).commento di Angelo


this is his comment:
Finally we are going to have an IIDA event in the heart of one of the most beautiful old towns in the country. The course is shorter than the average, but it is very technical and funny. Racing with a 16th century fortress in the background with thousands of spectators is extremely exciting to me.
I had the chance to meet some of the organizers, and I have found a well trained team of professionals, who are used to organize large world class events. Their reliability guarantees we’ll have a top level downhill competition.
Having the first Cross Downhill event in history in such a location (in addition to the downhill race) is a plus, that gives even more importance to the whole initiative.

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IIDA skate Cross Downhill World Championship: the location.

The G3 organizing committee aimed at creating, both for riders and spectators, a top level sport event in a wonderful and unforgettable background.
Our discipine needs more dignity, needs to be brought back to city centres. Watching professional sport live in the centre of an energetic city may be really exciting.
Thinking of a sport event in which both world class athletes and kids may compete in the same location, enjoying the support of the public in the same way, is always a gamble. It is our gamble. We had the chance to find the right people to interact with, and through hard work and passion we made it. We won our gamble.
It’s your time now! Time to join us and experience, live, the passion of a World Championship!


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