IIDA+WSX world Championship

Updated: June 14, 2018

Gardalake Gravity Games

skate cross WSX-IIDA world Championship
World Cup  Downhill IIDA
National championship

see the video teaser of the event:




Until the 10 July registration with a normal price. The payment is by Pay Pall.


After the 10 July the price are 25% more expensive (by cash at the race office), and the registration is possible only in case of available places in each disciplines.


Save your money, registration now!



Peschiera Del Garda
world capital of IIDA and WSX riders
A family frienly event on joungster most beloved sport.
A world class event of extraordinary athletic performance.
Advertaising and esteem of both territory and Sport.
Event Pourposal:
To promote valuable sports events,
into the more vital Urban Citycenter
to let the many enjoy an Olimpic feel
sharing its values.
For business to provide a relevant tools for their advertising
To let a sport event became an ever unmaches celebration.
To let the may approach sports and a healty lifestyle._The “Boarder cross of asphalt”
hose are the trendy sports!The World Champiopnshipof the spectacular  “Skate-X” a “Boarder Cross” like race , likewise in winter olimpic, with four skiers (or snowboarder) who descend a slope with obstacles together to gain the Golden Medal.Those are the specialities which collect the consensus beneath the many offered in the olimpic games, so the summer edition will be as interesting on media side, with large opportunity of promoting on the site the Partner Brands.With adeguate safety rules and track, this adrenalinic sports could be engaged in urban occurrence and became an outstanding occasion of joyfull moment and healty sport for children!
Moreover with the advantage of promoting Cityes instead of remote Ski centered location.


The World Championship get double

For the first time two Network joined together

IIDA and WSX have joined their forces to create on the Garda lake a première with large opportunities of development thanks to the grat appeal on joung generation.
Infact the aim of the G3 it is to reach as many  families an kids not only the big international Champions.

The side occasions at the event meatn for kids will give the right dimension at the Roller Sport by involving families.

To Us the honor ofstudy and organize this Event, one of a kind in the whole WORLD history.
Being ther once will means has been there forever.

The magazine of the G3 contents maps of the races, schedule, details, pictures, rules of the new  races, and are print in 3000 copy  in double language (Italian and English), for event advertising in the city. The PDF version are available here at this link:

magazine G3 web


Municipality of Peschiera Del Garda
As Unesco Heritage and tourist friendly city, will be the main location of the season.

3 different tracks for different races and level (top riders and beginners are allowed for a very big and massive event).
The tracks are called “Green” “yellow” and “red”.


at the page www.gravitygames.it

the Registration close when the places are finish like this schedule below. Also you can fond the entry fee and disciplines:


“In order to  take part at a sport competition in italy it is mandatory to have a sports affiliation to a sports club recognize by the olimpic comitee (which must providea basic insurance).
If youre not signed with any Sports Club we can helpo you by associating you to the Rollershow A.S.D. (by paing a annual fee of 15€).
In this case, follow the link and entry your information on the form to get associate at the club: “Rollershow” organizer of this event.



In summertime Garda Lake are the greatest touristic place in Italy… more than Venice, Rome or Florence. If you want found an hotel or B&B is necessary to do NOW! … for overbooking risk!

free accomodation:

for the volunteers staff and for the foreign riders, we have a former army barracks offered by the municipality of Ponti Sul Mincio, this rooms are spartans but for free.
Toilet and shower (only cold water), and big rooms with many mattresses on the ground, are at disposition of the first riders until all places are available.
This accommodation are very close to the green track, and is possible go at the race by skates.
Its also possible put a camping tend on the green of this barrack.

the disciplines:

“For three days this july we’ll attend to unforgettable sports events and performance thath will change the citycenter of Peschiera del Garda and the near Mozambano city in a big stadium for the beloved sport of: Rollerblading.

The major italian authorities FISR and AICS moreover the international IIDA and WSX, have eliged the southern Garda lake as the choosen one for the national and world championship in 2018, thanks maily to the ASD Rollershow a great and well structured club, capable to manage huge events over than an agonistic team which participate at different championships (such as the IIDA World Cup) and a training school for younger with great succes.


The fortress of Peschiera Del Garda with its Unesco Patrimony walls and the near fairytale castle of Mozambano, will be the location of the world championship races, where riders from all over the world will have the privilege of skating in such a beautifull treasures of Italy.

One in a milion landscape like this will surely be an unique experience for the thousands of tourists which will have the chance to attend.

Last but not least, everyone will be able to take part at it enjoing skating leaded by our coaches at the Roller Arena and at events of the Roller Village. Follow us on the next pages to find out all the disciplines and the wide program the Garda Gravity Games 2018 (G3) will brought you.  ”

Unlike “regular” long jump races, you will have to pick up your speed using gravity only, pushing will be forbidden!

You’ll have, then, to jump as long as you can, photo-cel- ls will validate your jump. We’ll have different catego- ries, with or without bankramps.
It is going to be an extremely specta- cular race!
After quali cations in the afternoon, top 10 will give life to an exciting nal at night!


Go Fast and brake hard!

Courage and skills will be needed to win this race. In the rst section of the

straight course riders have to go as fast as possible, and prepare to brake hard and stop in the shortest possible space.
After quali cations in the afternoon, top 10 will give life to an exciting nal at night!

IIDA-WSX Skate Cross Downhill joint world championships.

Jumpramps, chicanes, transfers, bank to bank, freejumps and more obstacles will be placed on the downhill course.
After a time trial on the green track, top 32 men and 8 women will compete in the mass race.

 nals on the red track. Starting from 1/8 nals for men and semi nals for women, top 2 of each heat will advance to the next round,

3rd and 4th will be eliminated. The 4 best riders in the world will race for the rst World IIDA-WSX Downhill Skate Criss Champion title.
Even Italian athletes can take part in this race, which will count as National Champion- ships (on the Green Track).

Gravity Slalom
This discipline is similar to alpin skiing, but without sticks and much easier rules. Riders will have plenty of time to warm up and test the track.
The race will consist in 2 runs… best counts.

Downhill (the Pure speed)

This is the summer version of alpine skiing downhill. Two TT runs, best counts. Fastest wins. No mercy. Speed traps will be placed on the track, and the fastest riders will be awarded the top speed prize.

This race, on the green course will be the FISR Italian national youth CHampionships for under 15.

World class riders will compete on the red track for the IIDA World Cup.

Thinking of a sport event in which both world class athletes and kids may compete in the same location, enjoying the support of the public in the same way, is always a gamble. It is our gamble. We had the chance to find the right people to interact with, and through hard work and passion we made it. We won our gamble.

It’s your time now! Time to join us and experience, live, the passion of a World Championship!

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