Pennuti and Paciolla win in Ambrose!

Updated: July 16, 2018

Tussetto and Paciolla conquer mass races in spectacular finals

The Italians dominate the scene again in the 2018 IIDA World Cup. Despite the good international field of riders at the start (including multiple German national Champion Tobias Woehrle, French veteran Mathieu Brichet and World Championship medalist Annalena Rettenberger of Germany) the blue team won all the gold medals.


The Queen of IIDA disciplines, Time Trial, saw the victory of daredevil Renato Pennuti, in front of former speedskating champion Agustin Tussetto and 2016 World Champion Angelo Vecchi. Newcomer and former freestyle skating superstar Tiziano Ferrari showed huge improvements finishing 4th.
Among women, Martina Paciolla, also of Italy, has been unbeatable once again, building a 5 seconds gap between her and the second, Mira Borsig of Germany. Italian Claudia Massara took the bronze being just 1/100 of a second faster than France’s Emilie Boutillot.


The almost 3 km long course of the Northern Italian Race, perfectly organized by Roberto Botti and his staff, provided an amazing show during mass race finals.
Spectacular crashes (no one got hurt!) in the last turn have crowned Agustin Tussetto as Mass Race winner in front of Angelo Vecchi and Renato Pennuti.
In the women’s category, Martina Paciolla won again, with Emilie Sadoux of France second and German Mira Borsig third.


In the special, newly introduced ranking for the top speed reached in the race, Guinness World Record holder Sandro Bovo stepped on the podium first with 73.77 kph in front of Renato Pennuti and Angelo Vecchi. The fastest woman has been, once again, Martina Paciolla (68.96 kph), while Claudia Massara (Italy) and Annalena Rettenberger (Germany) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.


The IIDA World Cup Circus will move to Peschiera del Garda in three weeks!


Time Trial men, Top 3:
1-Renato Pennuti (ITA) 2’53″56
2-Agustin Tussetto (ITA) 2’54″27
3-Angelo Vecchi (ITA) 2’55″03


Time Trial Women, Top 3:
1-Martina Paciolla (ITA) 3’01″32
2-Mira V. Borsing (GER) 3’06″11
3-Claudia Massara (ITA) 3’06″31


Mass Race Men Final:
1-Agustin Tussetto (ITA)
2-Angelo Vecchi (ITA)
3-Renato Pennuti (ITA)
4-Tiziano Ferrari (ITA)


Mass Race Woman Final:
1-Martina Paciolla (ITA)
2-Emilie Sadoux (FRA)
3-Mira V. Borsig (GER)
4-Emilie Boutillot (FRA)


Top Speed Men (Top 3):
1-Sandro Bovo (ITA) 73.77 km/h
2-Renato Pennuti (ITA) 73.37 km/h
3-Angelo Vecchi (ITA) 69.85 km/h


Top Speed Women (Top 3):
1-Martina Paciolla (ITA) 68.96 km/h
2-Claudia Massara (ITA) 68.35 km/h
3-Annalena Rettenberger (GER) 67,92 km/h

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