The Italians Dominate the World Skate Inline Downhill World Championships in Teolo

Updated: August 29, 2018
Pennuti, Massara, Paciolla and Tussetto are the new World Champions, France’s Behr and Christ-Thomas complete the podiums.
On the well known 1.6km 8 hairpins course in Northeastern Italy, the 19th Inline downhill world championships provided, as usual, a highly competitive top level race.
In the time trial competition, the queen on inline downhill races, Claudia Massara and Renato Pennuti of Italy won the titles, with teammates Martina Paciolla and Agustin Tussetto on the second spots and France’s Sylvain Behr and Séverine Christ-Thomas who got the bronze.
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Claudia Massara was definitely not the favorite for the win, in fact, Martina Paciolla, who lost the 2017 world title with a mistake in the final after dominating the whole World Games in China, was eager for revenge.
With the time 1’57″23 the 22 year old Italian became unreachable for Paciolla, who had a good performance either, just 3/10th of second short.
Multiple world champion and World Cup winner Séverine Christ-Thomas came out of retirement to get a brilliant bronze medal, with three athletes in 6/10th of a second (France’s Emilie Sadoux and German Annalena Rettenberger).
Even among men the race has been close and exciting. Both Pennuti and Tussetto looked very confident throughout the weekend and the world final was unpredictable. Furthermore Swiss veteran Christian Montavon and the young Sylvain Behr did not look like to have given their best in the training runs. The injury of 2016 world Champion Angelo Vecchi during practice runs on Friday took one of the big guns out of the game.
Tussetto’s 1’50″52 looked very difficult to beat, given that this year the tarmac was much more slippery than in the past. Renato Pennuti’s final run has been an absolute masterpiece. His 1’49″80 (only Harry Perna and Daniel Ladurner have been faster than him in the history of this race) in those conditions awarded him his first fully deserved World Champion Title.
Sylvain Behr gave his best for a good third place in 1’51″17. He might be one of the great stars of the discipline in the near future. Christian Montavon finished 4h and the Italian national Team placed 5 of its 6 athletes in the top ten.
On Sunday, top 16 men and top 8 women gave life to the fight for the Mass race World Championships.
Among women, Christ-Thomas could not take part in the race, leaving one open spot for the final, promptly taken by the German hope Annalena Rettenberger. Claudia Massara came out of the gate like a pebble from a slingshot, trying to breakaway from the beginning.
One of the usual scuffles at the Schivanoia turn between Boutillot and Massara caused the latter to crash. Martina Paciolla has been ready to take advantage of the situation to get her second mass race world title in a row. Annalena Rettenberger of Germany earned a well deserved silver while Claudia Massara has been able to close the gap and overcome Emiile Boutillot for the bronze.
When held with these safety standards, mass race might be very spectacular and exciting for the public. IIDA and World Skate will be extremely strict on safety regulations.
Schermata 2018-08-29 alle 16.50.26
Schermata 2018-08-29 alle 16.50.43 
Among men, top 4 of the TT race reached the final and provided and unbelievable show for the thousands of spectators on the corners of the Venetian countryside.
TT World Champion Renato Pennuti pushed very hard from the beginning, and kept on fighting on the closest corners with France’s most valuable rider Sylvain Behr. Agustin Tussetto took advantage of this no-holds-barred fight and gained a precious small gap, which he has been able to keep till the end, winning his first ever World Title.
Renato Pennuti finished second and Behr third at the photofinish on Swiss specialist and former mass race world champion Chistian Montavon, who went home with two fourth places. He will be back next year, battle hardened as usual. he is still one of the most talented skaters in the world.


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