2019 Inline Season

Updated: February 3, 2020

The Barcelona WRG gave new boost to Inline Downhill in World
A new world champion, (Diego Posada, the very first Colombian to win), speedskating superstars that switched to our discipline and new countries have given Inline downhill new perspectives for the near future.
Worldskate™ World Roller Games, with 100 registered riders and over 70 at the start has been the biggest event of the last few years. Thanks to Worldskate™ Inlinedownhill has officially become, after so many years, a full member of the Rollersports family.
Even though in the cradle of the discipline, Europe, numbers are not the ones who used to be, new countries and entire continents have jumped in the game, with good events and 80+ athletes at every race. For the first time an IIDA world cup step has taken place in Peru, test events in Mexico and Colombia, while Italy took out of the hat a new, old school, highly challenging course in wonderful Tuscany.
Among women Italian champions Claudia Massara and Martina Paciolla shared world championships and world cup titles, with French Inline downhill Legend Sévérine Christ-Thomas who made a comeback quick enough to get her 14th world championships medal. The German young wave, Annalena Rettemberger and Anna Rebout, although involved in the horrific crash during the WRG mass race final, have been able to get silver and bronze.
In the men’s category battles have been much tougher, with riders from 5 countries in the top spots of the WRG and IIDA World cup.
Italy’s former speedskating superstar Luca Presti has been the most astonishing surprise of the year. He adapted to the discipline in the fastest possible way, and stepped on the podium both in IIDA world cup events and the World Championships. France’s youngest talent, Sylvaine Behr showed the masterpiece of his career, winning the mass race world championship on the high-speed high drafting course in Barcelona.
Given the features of the Montjuic track, Diego Posada of Colombia was among the favorites before the Worlds. With a fantastic final run, deservedly won his first title, just 2/100 of a second in front of Sylvain Behr (France) and Luca Presti. His teammate, and 2018 world champion Renato Pennuti thanks to his victory in his home race and the 4th place in Barcelona, took IIDA World Cup title back to Italy.
Roller Games in Barcelona brought new countries and new athletes to the World Inline Downhill scene, three Colombians, three French, three Italians and one Spanish in the top 10, with riders from China, Canada, Argentina and Brazil who qualified for the World Final. The discipline has shown to be in better shape than ever.
Waiting for the 2020 calendar to be released in February, European, Asian and North American National federations are already organizing their teams, while in South America non-IIDA sanctioned races are already taking place.
Long life to Inline Downhill.

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