German riders dominated Lishui IIDA World Cup in China

Updated: August 27, 2014

Main facts

The fourth stage of the IIDA World Cup took place in Lishui (China). The IIDA was proud to held its first event ever in Asia and especially in China.

Lishui is located 500kms south-west from Shanghai.

Lishui means “beautifull water” and is well known for its waterfalls and rivers.

This downhill event was part of a larger event gathering freestyle skating and speed skating in this 2,5 million inhabitants city.




Top Skaters from 6 countries took part to the event in addition of local Chinese riders.

Countries represented were France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Switzerland, Canada and China.


Friday morning : Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony took place on Friday morning at 08a.m. in Lishui city.

Few days ago, a big hurricane touched the city and the opening ceremony place was overwatered.

Inondation 3

Thanks to a great job of the organization, the place was finally dry on Friday morning and everything was ready for a great show.

Inondation 1

Different shows have been runned before the flag procedure including a total of 25 countries for this main international event.


France was the most represented countries (after China) with 5 competitors in inline downhill.


Competitors were then lift from Lishui to the Bayun mountain where was held the competition.


4 trainings run could be runned in the morning as well as two warm-ups in the afternoon before the competition.

On time trial women, Annalenna Rettenberger get the first place in front of Séverine Christ Thomas and CHEN QIAN 陈倩.


On men time trial, German Moritz Nörl get the first place with more than 5 seconds in front of Gregoire Pinto (Fra) and swiss Christian Montavon.

Time Trial Men Podium

Saturday : Inline Cross

Due to the potential risk of rain, the schedule has been modified in order to run the Top 16 Inline cross final in the morning instead of in the afternoon.

In the women final, Séverine Christ Thomas couldn’t be as fast as German Annalenna Rettenberger who won both time trial and inline cross. Chineese CHEN QIAN 陈倩 get the third place.

In the men final, Moritz Nörl get the first place in front of swiss Christian Montavon, Sebastien Rastegar from Iran and surprising French Florent Cottinet.

Inline cross men podium


The awarding ceremony was runned just after the final under the finish line arch.

Conclusion and Future

This first Chineese IIDA World Cup is a great success and the organization showed high standards of organization threw a perfect coordination of all schuttle, motel, meals and so on.

Technical Meeting were also organised one day before the event to remind the securities measure to track guards in the morning and answer the question of inline downhill national representative in the afternoon.

Technical Meeting

Protections were also build one week ago and designed to assure a maximum of safety on the track ; these protections were certainly the best we had in a downhill event this year.

This first competition in Asia also allowed the IIDA to get in touch with other officials from Asia and present inline downhill. We get great contacts with other cities and countries from Asia and hope we will develop inline downhill series in Asia in the next few years.

Alex Promo

We also had a great feedback from chineese riders who really enjoyed their practice and learned a lot during this event. We are sure they will be able to challenge the best European riders in the following years.

Inline downhill is definitely growing all around the world and the continent of Asia is the next stage of its development.

Full results and more pictures soon available.

Link to a chineese article about the event : HERE