FIRS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP : Moritz Nörl get the title sanctionning his great 2014 season

Updated: September 1, 2014

The 15th FIRS Inline Downhill World Championship took place on 30th & 31th August in Lausanne which is considered as the “mecque” of Inline Downhill with a lot of inline downhill riders including top skaters such as Christian Montavon or Alexandre Zweili.

The best skaters of the world took part to this event from 10 different countries.


The opening ceremony took place on Friday 29th August in Ouchy despite a rainy weather and the 15th FIRS Inline Downhill World Championship could officially be opened.

Saturday 30th August : Training runs and Qualification runs

The competitors discovered during the training a fast and technical track bombing in Lausanne city with top speed up to 80km/h.

Timing was short due to the location of the event inside a main city as Lausanne. Training were scheduled from 15:30 to 17;30 allowing only 4 to 5 training runs to the competitors.


In Women time trial qualification, Marjorie Phlippoteau took the lead only 0.127sec in front of his strongest opponent Séverine Christ-Thomas. Two second behind, French Emilie Sadoux was third only 0.117sec in front German Annalenna Rettenberger. There was a big suspens for the final results on women as the podium could be challenged by these 4 womens with tight time.


In Men time trial competition, Harry Perna set the best track time with an impressive 01:46:642 on his second qualification time. Behind him, 2013 World Champion Daniel Ladurner get the second best time only half a second behind him. German Moritz Nörl and Swiss Alexandre Zweili were third and fourth. These four men were gathered in 1.3 seconds gap which allow any of them to be world championship on Sunday morning.

On this sunny Sunday morning, Top 40 Men and Top 10 Women were ready on the start line to fight for the 2014 World Champion title.

After a warm-up run, women start their final at 09:30am. Emilie Sadoux and Annelenna Rettenberger couldn’t improve their time and it’s finally Annelanna Rettenberger who get the bronze medal with 02:02:261 in front of Emilie Sadoux who finished with a time of 02:02:998.

Séverine and Marjorie are fighting for years for the title and Séverine finally get it with an impressive 01:57:157 time improving with more than 3 seconds her qualification time os Saturday morning and getting the gold medal. Marjorie Phlippoteau also improved her time of more than two seconds on 01:58:250 and get the silver medal.

In the men competition, Alexandre Zweili crashed in the first left corner and get the fourth place in 01:52:627 which shows he was very fast on this final run.

Harry Perna made a mistake in his run and get the bronze medal in 01:48:604.


Daniel Ladurner on his side couldn’t get the title for the second year in a row and only get the silver medal for less than 0.2sec gap (01:47:466) in front of the young german Moritz Nörl who won 3 out of the 4 World Cup of the season and finally get THE World Champion Title with a time of 01:47:285.


This recognize the performance of Moritz Nörl who didn’t get the fastest track time this week-end but could manage to be the faster during the World Championship who’s runned in only one run. A perfect run with no mistake allow him to get this first place which he deserves for his regularity and experience during all the season.



Back to the competition after a small break, time for the inline cross with Top 16 Men and Top 8 Women with a lowered start for security reasons as the original start line was too narrow for a 4 Men Heat.


In the women final, Annelenna Rettenberger couldn’t get in the final and was beat in semi-final by Austrian Sandra Ladurner. We also found the 3 French women Séverine Christ-Thomas, Emilie Sadoux and Marjorie Phlippoteau.
In the last corner, Marjorie Phlippoteau try to pass Séverine Christ Thomas but crashed and finish fourth of the heat. Séverine Christ Thomas keep the first place and thus won both World Championship and Inline Cross. Behind Séverine, his teammate Emilie Sadoux get the silver medal in front of Sandra Ladurner.


In the men final, Moritz Nörl couldn’t get qualified in semi-final and Swiss Christian Montavon get his place for the Men final with French Harry Perna, Austrian Daniel Ladurner and swiss Alexandre Zweili.

Harry Perna start first and keep the lead until the chicane. At that moment, Daniel Ladurner was the only one to stay in position and took the lead.

Daniel LADURNER position

On the first left turn, Daniel Ladurner almost crashed and Harry Perna could get back the lead followed by Daniel, Christian and Alexandre.

Daniel Almost Crash
In the last corner, Daniel Ladurner tried to overtake Harry but arrived too fast and break too late out of the corner and finished 4th of this final.

Daniel last turn

Harry Perna, leader at that moment, also break too late and cannot fight against surprising Christian Montavon who get a perfect turn and passed him in the last corner and won this final in front of Harry Perna and Alexandre Zweili.

Hello Judge


Christian Win Selfie

The Inline Cross Men final edit will soon be available.

This 15th FIRS World Championship was definitely a success despite a stressfull schedule thanks to the perfect organization of David Lenoir, local authorities, FIRS Judge and La Fièvre Association.

Photo David


Photo Alex




Podium_Femme FIRS


Podium Homme FIRS


Podium Femme Cross


Podium_Christian Cross

Full results are available on the related page.

Next World Cup event is scheduled in Teutonia (Brazil) in November.