Updated: November 4, 2014

Europe has cooled down with the winter coming on, but on South America sun is heating the downhill nation!


Friends from many countries in South America have decided to meet on October 11th and 12th at Sanagasta city in Argentina for a downhill session which ended up being the 1st. South American Inline Downhill Meeting. A total of 20 riders from Argentina, Brasil and Peru met at “EL DERRUMBE” hill (The Avalanche in English) on a freeride event organized by Pampa de La Viuda Associacion to enjoy, exchange downhill experiences and techniques, for cultural exchange but most of all get together all the people from this amazing sport that we only knew through Facebook or Videos published on the web.


The location chose to host the event has a fantastic landscaping, from a chain of big rocky mountains, followed by a desert and leading to a charming valley where Sanagasta is located – city which reminds an oasis on the middle of the desert.


El Derrumbe is a moderate to advanced level slope with approximately 2km, sinuous curves and a top speed close to 90km/h. The vibe on the event was fantastic, everyone with shiny eyes and a smile in the face enjoying every drop and having fun outside the track on both days.


Show is over! Argentinean, Brazilian and Peruvian guys headed west to Villa Carlos Paz province where nearby is located Copina, another amazing hill with 4KM of length, curves in “S” for every taste all the way down and a unique landscaping with green pastures and rocks all around.


Special thanks for Eric Suarez, Pablo Haedo, Juan Ludueña and to Pampa de La Viuda Association who organized and gave all necessary support to make this meeting happened.


The trip was certainly one of a kind and we be in our memories for a long time!


Back to championships…





Stay tunned on Brazilian Calendar! The month of November host 2 official Brazilian cups held by IIDA.  On November 6-9th there is Teutonia, the fastest hill in the world, and on November 14-16 there is Guaiba, where riders will find a technical track and a lot of fun.