IIDA WORLD CUP AUSTRIA – Gaal – Steiermark

Updated: September 26, 2015

Daniel Ladurner (AUT) and Annalena Rettenberger (AUT) were crowned “Lord and Lady of the Hills.”



Situated in the Southern Austrian Alps near the border to Slovenija, the Austrian Association of Inline Downhill, with well known Werner Ladurner and Andreas Feldbaumer, held one the most spectacular downhill races of the season. The race in Gaal, Steiermark, had the Formula 1 riders of inline sports riding down a very fast course with a set of difficultturns.In the home state of famous ski downhill rider Hermann Maier, Inline Downhill World Champion Daniel Ladurner of Austria, won both the Time Trial and the Inline Cross with unbelievable technique.


At the nearly unbelievable age of 17 years old, German World Cup leading rider, Annalena Rettenberger, also won both the Time Trial and the Inline Cross, taking the women’s crown. Annalena finished with a time of 2:04.98, which would have placed her in 8th among the men!



On Friday afternoon, heavy rain in Austrian mountains of Kärnten made it impossible to practice at full speed, as grip on the interesting track was greatly reduced.




Just four teams from Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany took part in the final European race of 2015 IIDA Worldcup series, which ends in South America in Brazil.


With a time four seconds faster than Austrian Christian Lins’ (welcome back!) time of 2:00.26, Daniel Ladurner rode fast, sliding with his seemingly effortless looking technique through the difficult turns of the Austrian track, onto victory with his time of 1:56.15. In the third place, just 5/100 of a second behind Christian Lins, was German rider Tobias Wöhrle (2:00.31 Min.).



World Cup leader, Angelo Vecchi, came in at 6th place with his time of 2:02.17, nearly the same ranking at the following Inline Cross World Cup.Due to narrow sections of the track, it was decided that the inline cross would be run in heats of two riders, rather than the standard heats of four.



World Champion Daniel Ladurner knocked out 8th Udo Nörl (GER) in the quarter final and, afterwards, Alex Spiegel (AUT) in the semifinal. Daniel then finished in front Italian Angelo Vecchi taking first and 100 IIDA points for the overall ranking Inline Cross.


Annalena Rettenberger got the inline pole position before 15-year old Anna Rebout, the female newcomer of the season. The third place went to Valentina Liguori representing Italy.


The World Cup party with two popular Austrian bands “Die Schwoazstoaner” and “CC Richter” was an amazing end of the IIDA World Cup serie in Europe.





Good luck to all riders in the upcoming races in the USA, Argentina and Brazil. Have fun and ride safe!


Check out the video coverage of the event on Austrian TV by ORF-report.”




report: Udo Nörl with the worthy help of Mike Rensmaag, fotos: Christine Bilecki