This is the IIDA Calendar for the 2018 season.

See you at the races!


CHILE  01 April- IIDA Chile National Championship

Camino Valle Nevano – Chile
Note: The first official IIDA national champions history



Mexique  14 & 15 April- IIDA World Cup Event

México – San Salvador Chachapa “Xaxal-Pa” El descenso de arena – Amozoc Puebla.

Note: The very first IIDA Race in Mexico

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Media Inline Downhill México - IDM

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PERU 03-04-05 may - IIDA International Cup Event

Festival de Velocidad 2018
Note: The very first IIDA Race in Peru
Sayán, Lima, Peru
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IIDA World Cup Polcenigo, Italy, June 23-24, 2018

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Updated Schedule!

Saturday, June 23

h. 15.00 – 19.00 training and practice runs, all disciplines

Sunday June 24

h. 8.00 track inspection

h. 8.30 warm up run

h. 9.00 and on:

IIDA World Cup run 1 

DH Skateboard Run 1

IIDA World Cup Run 2

DH Skateboard Run 2

Mass races 

Relays (Italian National Championships Only)


flag-italian 30 June and 01 July  - AMBROSE DOWNHILL CHALLENGE
IIDA Wolrd Cup Event
Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona district) – Italy
Note: 4th edition of the world’s longest downhill track, in the land of wine!



flag-italian  20-21-22 July - Rollershow Gravity Games II
IIDA World Cup Event (time trial) & IIDA+WSX skate-Cross-Downhill World Championship
Peschiera del Garda (Garda Lake, Verona district) – Italy

The location is gorgeous, in a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Fortress. Thousands of spectators are expected!

For the first time a Baby Downhill Race will take place: the First Italian Youth and Junior National championships (open to foreign junior riders and kids).

Many side events like: Long jump and alpine inline slalom.


For first time in history, IIDA and WSX will be jointly sanctioning the skate cross downhill world championship!






03-04-05 August – World Skate Inline Downhill World Championships and 
IIDA World Cup Event
Teolo (Padua district)

Note: The oldest and currently grandest race in the world! Riders from all over the planet will compete for the world’s most important title!

partenza mass teolo 17


1200px-Flag_of_Spain.svg  16 August - Xamascada
IIDA&Wsx Skate Cross Downhill  World Cup
Villablino (Leòn district) – Spain

Note: IIDA / WSX Skate Cross will share this great event with the Inline Alpine European championship and World Cup.

This is going to be a magnificent event! Thousands of spectators expected, TV and live world streaming!


brazil   Circuito paulista 7 curvas
IIDA international Cup
Sao Paulo district  - Brazil (to be confirmed)



to be confirmed.