The IIDA is proud to announce the 2016 Calendar for the upcoming season. We are working hard to put together a great season all around the world.

We have 4 World Cups, 2 Bobtrack Cups, and a National Cup lined up, plus more on the way. Please check back for updates.

See you at the races!


June 21-25, 2016 – IIDA National Cup - Maryhill Loops Road, Washington, USA

Inline downhill returns to the historic Maryhill course to kick off the IIDA 2016 season! Don’t miss this fun event on the 3.5km (2.2 mile) course with 17 turns. Read more about it at the organizer’s site , and be sure to get your entry form in at the IDF website and bring your leathers for this race (they are required since we are racing with the skateboarders and lugers). Take a look at a practice video from before to get stoked for the race.

Maryhill Course

The course at Maryhill


flag-italian 02 & 03 JULY – IIDA WORLD CUP - Verona - AMBROSE DOWNHILL



flag-italian  05 – 07 AUGUST - IIDA World Championship - Teolo

Inline Downhill Cross Final – IIDA World Cup – Teolo, Italy 2014 from IIDA Official on Vimeo.

Latvia-Flag-icon 13 & 14 AUGUST – IIDA BOBTRACK CUP - Sigulda (Latvia)


Flag_of_Russia.svg  18 – 21 AUGUST - IIDA BOBTRACK CUP & IIDA WORLD CUP - Sotchi (Russia)

flag-italian 17 & 18 SEPTEMBER – IIDA WORLD CUP - Castelpiano (Ancona)