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Register your team for this year (Only the president´s Team).

Registration cost = 50 €

IIDA Teams World Cup

IIDA, from this year, assigns the Teams’ World cup. The total of the points earned by the members of that team counts for the Teams’ ranking. The winning team will be the IIDA Teams’ World Cup Winner.

To be part of this special ranking, a team must register as such at the beginning of the season.
A team can be:

1) a sport club, registered in the skating federation of its country, or at the sport ministry register.


2) a company, which sponsors a group of riders and registers them as its team for the IIDA Teams’ world cup. Riders of this team need to use the materials produced by the sponsoring company. The firm or team manager must send IIDA a copy of the contract which testifies that these riders are actually sponsored by the company.

3) A National federation, which registers its national team for the IIDA Teams’ world cup

4) A group of certified riders from the same area, who decides to give life to a team for the IIDA Teams’ world cup. They may choose a name connected with the region they are from. EG German Downhill Team…or Thuringian Downhill Team.

5) A group of international certified riders, from different countries, who decides to give life to a temporary team and choose a special name to take part in the IIDA Teams’ World Cup..

Extra Fees for Teams

All the members of the team must be certified riders who have paid their annual fee. Teams’ registration fee, € 50,00 per team per annum, must be paid to IIDA prior to the beginning of the first race of the season.

At the time of the payment the team must indicate the names of its members.
Should the payment come after the first race, the Team will lose the points earned in that first race.

Every team must be lead by a Team manager, either rider or non- rider, who is also the spokesperson of the team and the one who interacts directly with IIDA. Every team should provide a physical mail address (office or house, no P.O. Box) to which IIDA may send regular mails, and an official email address.

Riders who are not members of any team, have to register

individually as independent riders and their name will not be linked to any team or club or sponsor.
Any individual rider who has a personal sponsor and prefers the name of their sponsor to be written beside his/hers name in the rankings, needs to register as a team (a one-man-team in this case).

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