The IIDA Is proud to announce that it will now be moving forward thanks to the assistance of our official partners for the 2013 season :


SEBA LOGO FINAL  provide us prizes for our IIDA Podiums and will assist us in promoting our sport. You can visit SebaSkates Website


FIRS_Logois sanctionning once a year the official FIRS World Championship of Inline Downhill. You can visit FIRS Website


logo_ols_orangehelp us to promote Inline Downhill the way they do for every other skating discipline. You can visit in English. Also available in flag-french flag-spanish flag-german


Mediaskates Logo is the media gallery for all inline skating discipline. All IIDA Official pictures will be available on MediaSkates


LOGO FRA PRODUCTION   FRA Company help us especially as support for the 2015 FIRS Inline Downhill World Championship. 


Others partners will join us soon. If you want to be a partner of the IIDA, please send an e-mail to president(at)