IIDA National Committee members

Come in and meet the committee members. Find out who they are and what makes them tick. Find out what drives their passion and why they give of their time to help things here at the IIDA Run as smoothly as they do. 

Please feel free to contact any of them should you ever need anything..



IIDA PRESIDENT Alexandre Lebrun E-mail


Australie AUSTRALIA John MEYER E-Mail


flag_austria_small AUSTRIA Daniel LADURNER E-mail


flag-brazilian BRAZIL Steve CANONA E-Mail


BulgarieBULGARIA Kalin STAYKOV E-Mail 




flag-french FRANCE Alexandre LEBRUN E-mail


flag-german GERMANY Moritz NÖRL E-mail


flag-small-ukGREAT BRITAIN Grant DU PLESSIS  E-mail


flag-italian ITALY Valentina LIGUORI E-mail


Perou PERU Jaime Luis Gerardo SANCHEZ VILLANUEVA E-Mail


flag-romanian ROMANIA Dragos MANESCU E-mail


flag_switzerland SWITZERLAND Christian MONTAVON E-Mail


Ukraine UKRAINE Artem SERBA E-Mail


usa_flag_small U.S.A. Scott Peer E-mail