flag_austria_small Austria - Austrian Downhill Team




IDM – Inline Downhill México

Mexican National Inline Downhill Project

The first international event where Mexico participates and the host of the 2018 competition.

Inline Downhill competitions series throughout Mexico, heading to the national competition the Inline Downhill Mexico 2018

flag-french France

Major inline downhill association in France gathering riders from all the country

Another French Downhill team

Great downhill blog by some amazing french riders

GossipSkate Promoting inline downhill threw freeride events & initiations


flag-german Germany - German Downhill and alpine team


grece Greece – Greek Downhill Team


Flag_of_Israel_small Israel


flag_south_korea_flag Korea


flag_switzerland Switzerland - Website of Christian Montavon


flag-small-uk UK - Great site by Grant Du Plessis



IIDA_miniature Affiliated Associations


FIRS – Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports

The French roller sports commission

BRSF British Roller sports Federation

The German roller sports commission

Inline Alpin Slalom Worldcup

International Downhill Federation Federation of Hockey



Tobias Woehrle website