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2013 Rankings

Mens Inline Cross

1. Daniel Ladurner

2. Angelo Vecch

3. Lello Amore





Womens Inline Cross

  1. 1.Valentina Liguori



Mens Time trial

1. Daniel Ladurner

  1. 2.Angelo Vecch

3. Davide Tecchini





Womens Time trial

1. Valentina Liguori

2. Marjorie Phlippoteau





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2013 World cup now underway

This past weekend saw the first leg of the 2013 IIDA world cup in Villa d’Asti Italy. 22 men and 2 woman from across europe battled it out for the first title of the season. To see the full results check out the race results....

The womans time trial had Italy's own Valentina Liguori on the top step with Annalena Rettenberger from Germany standing next to her in second.

The end of the weekend saw the Austrian legend that is Daniel Ladurner topping the charts in both mens time trial and inline cross. In the mens time trial Italian Angelo Vecchi came in second with Davide Tacchini a very respectable third. The mens inline cross saw fellow Italian Angelo Vecchi take second place and Andrea Ferrucci in third.

2013 Cisterna World Cup

The second edition of Cisterna Wheels & Wine took place on 28-30 June: this year 30 men and 4 women from 8 different nations  took part at the competition. Two guys from Bulgaria are the very welcome new entry in IIDA International circuit; they closed the race at the last positions but their technic  is good and surely next year they will improve their positions.

The men race was won from an invincible Daniel Ladurner, in front of Angelo Vecchi and Moritz Norl. In the women trial Marjorie Phlippotheau confirmed her supremacy with 7 seconds far from Valentina Liguori; third was Marie Marchand.

With 4 riders in the best 10 positon  (Davide Tacchini in the 4th) and Valentina in the 2nd, the Italian team shows a very good shape. In Teolo we are expecting a large team from Germany : let’s see what will happen!

The great news for Cisterna 2013 was the Official Italian Championship: the Italian Federation finally recognized Inline Downhill: this is a very important step for the Italian Downhill movement. The Italian Championship was won from Davide Tacchini that is confirming himself in the best 6 International riders.

The braking contest, created from the volcanic mind of Enrico Perano, was funny and exciting and full of public  as last year:  8 riders took part at the competition: the winner was Christian Montavon, in front of Moritz Norl and a, finally third ;-) Daniel Ladurner! Well done guys!!!

A great thank you to Christine Bilecki for her wonderful photos!

In line border-cross,  made hardest  from the wax left on the track during the torchlight downhill of the day before, was won form Daniel Ladurner in front of Moritz Norl and Christian Montavon. Angelo Vecchi got injured during the 1st run of Italian championship; we all hope for his fast recovery.

During the Inline Cross Men, Italian Angelo Vecchi push hard and keep his first place until the finish lane. He’s followed by swiss Christian Montavon and german Moritz Nörl. French rider Etienne Herreros crashed on first turn and get the 4th place.

Next IIDA Stage is scheduled on 1st September in Lausanne

The third stage of Inline Downhill World Cup IIDA took place on 3rd and 4th August in Teolo (Padova – Italy) for the 9th year in a row. The german Moritz Nörl won the time keeping competition in front of Italian Angelo Vecchi and French Etienne Herreros.

On the Women race, 15 years old german Annalena Rettembreger won the time keeping competition in front of Italian Valentina Liguori and german Mira Borsing. This ranking was the same for the Inline Cross competition.

We can notice this awesome victory of young german who, for his second downhill event, get her first victory on an IIDA World Cup.

2013 Teolo World Cup

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