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Mostra Competitiva de Downhill Speed, Guaiba Brazil

And once again from Brazil we have a great article from the IIDA’s Brazilian rep  Steve Canona....

After a extremely hot day of practicing on saturday, sunday started cloudy and with some drizzle during the morning but on the competition track it was hot and very disputed. The race day was full of challenging passes, tight turns, spectacular wipe outs and lots of adrenaline.

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The IIDA world cup finale for the 2012 season was held in California near

Los Angeles combined with the IGSA NorAm series final. There was a big field

of skateboard racers and luge racers, but the inline field was just a

handful of local riders plus Davide Tacchini who traveled from Italy for the


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A message from the President

I'm proud to bring you the new IIDA Website. We have been working VERY hard over the last month and we are keep doing so to achieve all our projects since the beginning of our season. Here are few things that have been achieved :

The acquisition of our new domain name www.InlineDownhill.com is great news for our sport. This will allow us to better communicate with  riders around the world. The website has been transformed with a new design which is more "up to date". This website will be moved to a more collaborative platform (WordPress) in the next month ; this would help us to update faster and directly from the IIDA Events.

The new logos have finally been released, we would like to thank Massimo Bavieri (Italy), Antoine Bellon, Mallory Berthelot, Regis Jacquin (France), Loic Lasson and Kostis Kapelonis (Greece) for taking part to this competition.

We also want to thanks Miss Oana Tapu (Romania) who designed our mascot logo which will be displayed alongside the IIDA letters for all the Marketing communication, banners & website.

We finally choose the main logo from William Greatrex (UK) who’s designed was based on a wheel : this logo will be the displayed on every official communication of our organisation.

The IIDA Calendar is also officially released today and includes 4 confirmed World Cups in Europe. They have been selected with the help of our IIDA representatives. Each world cup will now host both time trial and Inline Cross competition and will be helped by an official dedicated IIDA Representative. This will allow us to have high quality events that will gather the best riders at every stage.

We are also happy to announce that the legendary Lugdunum contest is back and will be the 2013 FIRS World Championship. New track is set to provide an amazing event.

One of the most important announcements we have is that we have now created a “National Cup”. These are nationally hosted events which will accept both local and national and international riders. There will only be one National Cup per country. More information can be found in the new rulebook that will be released soon. The IIDA is now  also sanctioning “Bobtrack Cups” This discipline is growing fast with the main inline riders coming from inline downhill racers.The full calendar will be completed in the next weeks. We are talking to organisers about new events that will be confirmed in few weeks.

We also now have an Official Partners who is onboard to help the IIDA move forward like never before. Thanks to Seba Skates who have been helping the IIDA for 2 years now and are currently our main sponsor.

Regarding communication, we have a close relationship with the website http://www.onlineskating.com/ which is the one of the worlds most recognised roller-skating websites. The originally site is available in French (www.Rollerenligne.com), it is also now available in Spanish (http://www.rollerenlinea.com/) and will soon be available in German (www.onlineskaten.de) . We will work closely with them to promote articles on InlineDownhill to help attract more inline skaters and give them the opportunity to discover inline downhill. We are also talking with other interested sponsors for the 2013 season.


I also want to thank Grant Du Plessis for the great work he put in on these different subjects and the help he provided to the IIDA. There is still a lot of work to achieve. We will get a closer relationship with FIRS (end of February), release the Official 2013 IIDA Rulebook on 1st March, create an official IIDA Membership to allow you to support our association, which we will launch on 15thMarch, and we will also complete the current IIDA Calendar.

I would also like to thank all the riders who have supported us over the years and I hope that we can keep working together to encourage new riders to join us and to bring bigger and better events to inline Downhill.

Don’t forget to spread the word about our new website and Like our Facebook page

We are proud to announce that after a year of hard work, our new rule book is finally here! We are happy to tell you that the rulebook is now available in FOUR languages, English, French, Italian and German. We have added and clarified many things from the old version. We still have a little bit of work to do on the points system, so we can make it all a little more exciting! We will also soon be releasing versions of the rulebook in other languages. Please feel free to check out the new rulebook here..

Don’t forget that this is YOUR rulebook. If you want to see changes to whats in it then get hold us and tell us about it.

IIDA Launches its new rulebook for 2013 in four Languages